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TFP 133 - Agitation in Dementia: Are benzos a back-up?PDF
TFP 107 - Cholinesterase inhibitors and treatment of Alzheimers dementia PDF
TFP 030 - Iron Deficiency Anemia in the Elderly: How much iron is enough? PDF
TFP 115 - Statins and cognitive impairment: Don't forget the evidence? PDF
TFP 129 - Statins and the elderly: The Who^ What and When? PDF
TFP 138 - The skinny on BMI and mortalityPDF
TFP 022 - Treating Hypertension in the Very Elderly: What we know so far?PDF
TFP 106 - Vitamin D Levels: Vitamin Do or Vitamin Don’t PDF
TFP 038 - What Are the Risks and Benefits of Stopping Antipsychotics in the Elderly? PDF
TFP 012 - What is the Benefit of Vitamin D: Trend or Treat? PDF
TFP 099 - Will the flu shot help my Grandma and Grandpa?PDF
TFP 203 - Got Depression? I can answer that in two questions!PDF
TFP 206 - Agitation in Dementia: Quantifying the effects of antipsychoticsPDF
TFP 217 - Pneumonia Vaccine for Adults: Is the efficacy as effective as the effort?PDF
TFP 224 - Zoster Vaccine – is newer better than the old new?PDF