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TFP 133 - Agitation in Dementia: Are benzos a back-up?PDF
TFP 060 - Antipsychotics for depression: An acceptable risk/benefit profile PDF
TFP 007 - Are some 2nd generation antidepressants more equal than others?PDF
TFP 136 - Atypical antipsychotics for anxiety: Worth worrying about? PDF
TFP 137 - Benzodiazepines in Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Calm Your Nerves? PDF
TFP 107 - Cholinesterase inhibitors and treatment of Alzheimers dementia PDF
TFP 103 - Duloxetine (Cymbalta®): Jack of All Trades^ Master of None? PDF
TFP 147 - Electronic Cigarettes—Hoot that helps^ hurts^ or just hype?PDF
TFP 134 - Getting patients to drink less—Are words mightier than drink?PDF
TFP 013 - How Long Before Antidepressants Work: Happy News? PDF
TFP 120 - Melatonin for sleep: Exhausted by other options? PDF
TFP 026 - Pharmacotherapy for Smoking: What works and what to consider (PART I)? PDF
TFP 027 - Pharmacotherapy for Smoking: Which work and what to consider (Part II)?PDF
TFP 029 - The Autism and Vaccine Story: Fiction and Deception? PDF
TFP 071 - Varenicline and Cardiovascular Risk – Is the cure worse than the affliction? PDF
TFP 116 - Vitamin D and Low Mood: The easy perky pill. PDF
TFP 038 - What Are the Risks and Benefits of Stopping Antipsychotics in the Elderly? PDF
TFP 130 - Working out depression: Is exercise effective for depression? PDF
TFP 126 - Z-drugs for sleep: Should we 'Catch Some Z’s'? PDF
TFP 188 - Trouble Sleeping: Spend less time in Bed?PDF
TFP 196 - Infant Sleep Training - Rest Easy? PDF
TFP 200 - Harms of Medical Cannabinoids: Up in SmokePDF
TFP 201 - Any Other “Doobie”ous Effects of Medical Cannabinoids?PDF
TFP 203 - Got Depression? I can answer that in two questions!PDF
TFP 206 - Agitation in Dementia: Quantifying the effects of antipsychoticsPDF
TFP 207 - St. John’s Wort for Depression: Flower Power?PDF
TFP 216 - Anxiously Awaiting Evidence: Pregabalin in generalized anxiety disorderPDF
TFP 218 - CPAP—Breath of life^ or just hot air?PDF
TFP 221 - Location^ Location^ Location: Treating patients with opioid use disorder in primary carePDF
TFP 222 - Does this patient taking prescription opioids have opioid use disorder?PDF
TFP 223 - Buprenorphine-Naloxone (Suboxone) for Pharmaceutical Opioid Use DisorderPDF