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TFP 123 - A Serendipitous Discovery and Novel Treatment for Infantile HemangiomasPDF
TFP 173 - Acid^ freeze^ or duct tape: What works best for common warts?PDF
TFP 178 - All You Need is Glove: Are non-sterile gloves safe for excisions in the office?PDF
TFP 175 - Chocolate: Can anything this tasty be good for us?PDF
TFP 172 - Drugs for male- and female-pattern baldness: Just a hair bit more effective than doing nothing? PDF
TFP 184 - Preventing Allergies with Omega-3 in Pregnancy: Another fishy idea?PDF
TFP 158 - Is less more with isotretinoin and acne?PDF
TFP 094 - Simplicity for simplex (cold sores): a pill in the pocket takes the tingling away PDF
TFP 197 - Early Peanuts for Little Peanuts: The not so paltry benefits PDF
TFP 204 - Actinic Keratosis: Out Damned Spot!PDF