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TFP 143 - Acute Back Pain: Is Cyclobenzaprine a reasonable option?PDF
TFP 076 - Amoxicillin^ still an A-list Antibiotic for Infections of the AirwayPDF
TFP 131 - Anti-virals for Flu: Looking for evidence for “Stockpile^ store^ expire^ repeat”PDF
TFP 080 - Antihistamines for the Common Cold: Facts on a Possible Fix? PDF
TFP 010 - Antioxidant vitamin cure-alls: Will good theories ever die? PDF
TFP 091 - Aspirin A Day to Keep the Cancer Away PDF
TFP 096 - Calcitonin withdrawal: Now what for acute vertebral fractures? PDF
TFP 119 - Can I exchange my family because they all have heart attacks? PDF
TFP 132 - Can We Stop Migraines Bound to Rebound? PDF
TFP 074 - Coffee: Advice for our Vice PDF
TFP 084 - Cranberry juice/tablets for the prevention of urinary tract infection: Naturally the best? PDF
TFP 086 - Cutting out Sodium in Heart Failure: A Taste of the Evidence PDF
TFP 087 - Daily multivitamins to reduce mortality^ cardiovascular disease and cancerPDF
TFP 161 - Docusate: A Placebo Pill for Soft Poops PDF
TFP 147 - Electronic Cigarettes—Hoot that helps^ hurts^ or just hype?PDF
TFP 157 - Flibanserin: Feeling frisky or falling over? PDF
TFP 117 - Generic Versus Brand Name: The other drug war PDF
TFP 140 - Healing the Heel: Corticosteroid shots for plantar fasciitis PDF
TFP 155 - “I got water up my nose.” From swimming accident to rhinosinusitis cure? PDF
TFP 079 - Iron Supplementation in Non-Anemic Women with Unexplainable Fatigue: Another Tired Theory?PDF
TFP 158 - Is less more with isotretinoin and acne?PDF
TFP 167 - Keeping our eye on the ball for infectious conjunctivitis management PDF
TFP 168 - Liraglutide: Weighing the evidence for weight loss PDF
TFP 120 - Melatonin for sleep: Exhausted by other options? PDF
TFP 005 - Motivating Patients to Move: A Light at the End of the Couch? PDF
TFP 159 - NSAIDs: Inflamed effects on inflammation? PDF
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TFP 094 - Simplicity for simplex (cold sores): a pill in the pocket takes the tingling away PDF
TFP 142 - The Low FODMAP Diet: Food for thought or just an irritable idea? PDF
TFP 141 - Time to Laceration Repair: Definitively dogmatic to purposefully pragmatic PDF
TFP 108 - Tools for Stools: Oral Cholera Vaccine for Traveler’s Diarrhea Prophylaxis PDF
TFP 110 - Treating to Target: Can we hit the mark? PDF
TFP 124 - Vitamin D and Respiratory Tract Infections: Does the sun's vitamin chase the cold? PDF
TFP 106 - Vitamin D Levels: Vitamin Do or Vitamin Don’t PDF
TFP 012 - What is the Benefit of Vitamin D: Trend or Treat? PDF
TFP 126 - Z-drugs for sleep: Should we 'Catch Some Z’s'? PDF
TFP 077 - Zoster vaccine: Zoster loster or imposter coster? PDF
TFP 188 - Trouble Sleeping: Spend less time in Bed?PDF
TFP 187 - CBC (Confusing Broad Check) for Screening?PDF
TFP 189 - Moving along the management of constipation predominant IBS – Is it worth the cost?PDF
TFP 190 - Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs): Is Perpetual Prescribing Inevitable?PDF
TFP 193 - Riboflavin for Migraine Prophylaxis: Something “2-B” excited about?PDF
TFP 195 - Shooting the Breeze on Supervised Injection SitesPDF