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TFP 111 - A pill for the second clot I do not wantPDF
TFP 109 - Anti-platelets after stroke: Are two better than one?PDF
TFP 093 - ASA after warfarin for unprovoked VTE: does the little clot fighter make sense? PDF
TFP 030 - Iron Deficiency Anemia in the Elderly: How much iron is enough? PDF
TFP 079 - Iron Supplementation in Non-Anemic Women with Unexplainable Fatigue: Another Tired Theory?PDF
TFP 105 - The new anti-platelet ticagrelor: Is it better than the old 'new' clopidogrel? PDF
TFP 019 - Vitamin B12 Deficiency: Monthly shots or daily pills? PDF
TFP 187 - CBC (Confusing Broad Check) for Screening?PDF