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TFP 123 - A Serendipitous Discovery and Novel Treatment for Infantile HemangiomasPDF
TFP 173 - Acid^ freeze^ or duct tape: What works best for common warts?PDF
TFP 080 - Antihistamines for the Common Cold: Facts on a Possible Fix? PDF
TFP 028 - Are acetaminophen and ibuprofen equivalent in the treatment of pediatric fever? PDF
TFP 049 - Can ondansetron help children vomiting due to gastroenteritis? PDF
TFP 102 - Coughing up the Data on Croup PDF
TFP 162 - Dexamethasone Versus Prednisone for Pediatric Asthma: Will the results take your breath away? PDF
TFP 128 - Evidence that’s tough to swallow: Short course antibiotics for pediatric strep throat PDF
TFP 184 - Preventing Allergies with Omega-3 in Pregnancy: Another fishy idea?PDF
TFP 148 - Has insulin met its match? Metformin for gestational diabetes PDF
TFP 125 - HPV Vaccine: Shot of Cancer (and Wart) Prevention PDF
TFP 014 - Optimal Pain Relief for Acute Pediatric Musculoskeletal Injuries – NSAIDs or Opioids?PDF
TFP 024 - Pediatric Cough: Do OTC cough suppressants or honey help? PDF
TFP 154 - Pills vs. Puffers: Leukotriene receptor antagonists for childhood asthma PDF
TFP 045 - Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) for Paediatric and Adult Chronic Constipation PDF
TFP 151 - Rotavirus Vaccine: A shot to get off the pot(ty) PDF
TFP 176 - Stockpile^ use during outbreaks^ re-stock and repeatPDF
TFP 029 - The Autism and Vaccine Story: Fiction and Deception? PDF
TFP 156 - The louse is (no longer) in the housePDF
TFP 185 - Drinking in the Evidence Around Mild-Moderate Dehydration Management in Kids with GastroenteritisPDF
TFP 194 - Needed for Eye and Brain Development? Omega-3s in infant formulaPDF
TFP 196 - Infant Sleep Training - Rest Easy? PDF
TFP 197 - Early Peanuts for Little Peanuts: The not so paltry benefits PDF
TFP 205 - Preventing Painful Pokes: Decreasing Immunization Pain in KidsPDF