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TFP 171 - AcetaMINophen for Back and Osteoarthritis Pain: Is the effect in the name? PDF
TFP 113 - Acetaminophen in pregnancy and future risk of ADHD for the unbornPDF
TFP 143 - Acute Back Pain: Is Cyclobenzaprine a reasonable option?PDF
TFP 170 - Back to activity: When is exercise effective for back pain?PDF
TFP 135 - Corticosteroid shots and knees: A match made in osteoarthritis heaven? PDF
TFP 001 - CRP = CV? Should we React to C-Reactive Protein? PDF
TFP 118 - Glucosamine: Naturally effective? PDF
TFP 140 - Healing the Heel: Corticosteroid shots for plantar fasciitis PDF
TFP 114 - My fracture really hurts^ can I use non-steroidal anti- inflammatories? PDF
TFP 159 - NSAIDs: Inflamed effects on inflammation? PDF
TFP 014 - Optimal Pain Relief for Acute Pediatric Musculoskeletal Injuries – NSAIDs or Opioids?PDF
TFP 040 - Topical NSAIDs: Do they top Placebo or Oral NSAIDs? PDF
TFP 089 - Viscosupplementation (hyaluronic acid or hylan): Cushioning the blow (to your wallet)?PDF
TFP 017 - X-rays for Non-specific Low Back Pain: A non-specific pain?PDF
TFP 181 - Manipulating Research for Spinal Manipulative Therapy for Low Back PainPDF
TFP 212 - Clavicle Fractures: To plate or not to plate^ that is the questionPDF