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TFP 131 - Anti-virals for Flu: Looking for evidence for “Stockpile^ store^ expire^ repeat”PDF
TFP 102 - Coughing up the Data on Croup PDF
TFP 062 - Daily Prophylactic Antibiotics in COPD PDF
TFP 162 - Dexamethasone Versus Prednisone for Pediatric Asthma: Will the results take your breath away? PDF
TFP 100 - Effectiveness of seasonal influenza vaccine for healthy^ working age adults PDF
TFP 147 - Electronic Cigarettes—Hoot that helps^ hurts^ or just hype?PDF
TFP 016 - Long-Acting Beta-Agonist Inhalers in Asthma: Breathing Evidence Into the Debate?PDF
TFP 078 - Lung Cancer Screening – Low dose CT^ High dose False Positives PDF
TFP 026 - Pharmacotherapy for Smoking: What works and what to consider (PART I)? PDF
TFP 027 - Pharmacotherapy for Smoking: Which work and what to consider (Part II)?PDF
TFP 154 - Pills vs. Puffers: Leukotriene receptor antagonists for childhood asthma PDF
TFP 055 - Roflumilast – COPD relief at last?PDF
TFP 152 - Tempered Enthusiasm for Tiotropium in Asthma PDF
TFP 066 - The Best Puffer for Initial Therapy in COPD PDF
TFP 184 - Preventing Allergies with Omega-3 in Pregnancy: Another fishy idea?PDF
TFP 071 - Varenicline and Cardiovascular Risk – Is the cure worse than the affliction? PDF
TFP 099 - Will the flu shot help my Grandma and Grandpa?PDF
TFP 217 - Pneumonia Vaccine for Adults: Is the efficacy as effective as the effort?PDF
TFP 218 - CPAP—Breath of life^ or just hot air?PDF