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TFP 111 - A pill for the second clot I do not wantPDF
TFP 104 - Aldosterone antagonists in systolic heart failure - no longer an afterthoughtPDF
TFP 109 - Anti-platelets after stroke: Are two better than one?PDF
TFP 093 - ASA after warfarin for unprovoked VTE: does the little clot fighter make sense? PDF
TFP 031 - ASA in Primary Prevention: Do the Benefits Outweigh Risks? PDF
TFP 011 - Atrial Fibrillation Patients Needing Brief Interruptions in Warfarin: Bridge or Not? PDF
TFP 119 - Can I exchange my family because they all have heart attacks? PDF
TFP 121 - Can I get my cholesterol checked fast (without fasting)? PDF
TFP 175 - Chocolate: Can anything this tasty be good for us?PDF
TFP 086 - Cutting out Sodium in Heart Failure: A Taste of the Evidence PDF
TFP 082 - Cutting out the sodium: The bland supremacy?PDF
TFP 039 - Dabigatran versus Warfarin in Atrial Fibrillation PDF
TFP 139 - Digoxin: Old friend or best left on the shelf? PDF
TFP 041 - Does calcium supplementation increase the risk of MI? PDF
TFP 072 - Dual Antiplatelet Therapy Following Stent Placement and/or Acute Coronary Syndrome: 12 months or Forever? PDF
TFP 145 - Exercise and Cardiovascular Disease: Getting to the heart of the matter PDF
TFP 023 - Ezetimibe lowers LDL cholesterol^ but what else?PDF
TFP 097 - Fibrates: Statin’s Trusty Sidekick or Lackluster Fallback?PDF
TFP 067 - High Dose Statin Compare To Low Dose in People with Heart DiseasePDF
TFP 009 - Home in the Range – Home Blood Pressure MonitoringPDF
TFP 163 - How low can the potassium and sodium go with commonly prescribed blood pressure medications? PDF
TFP 036 - In atrial fibrillation: rate versus rhythm and how slow do you go?PDF
TFP 098 - Is Diabetes a Coronary Heart Disease Equivalent? PDF
TFP 061 - Is HCTZ the best thiazide diuretic for hypertension?PDF
TFP 122 - Lipoproteins: The risk of (over)interpreting these risk factors? PDF
TFP 065 - Niacin added to Statins for Cardiovascular diseasePDF
TFP 073 - Novel Oral Anti-coagulants (NOACs): is newer better?PDF
TFP 101 - NSAIDs and cardiovascular safety: the truth makes my heart hurt PDF
TFP 069 - Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Fish Oil) for Patients with Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)PDF
TFP 006 - PPIs and clopidogrel: Never the twain shall meet? Are there risks in giving a Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) with clopidogrel? PDF
TFP 075 - Screening for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm PDF
TFP 037 - SPRINT don’t walk to Evidence for Specific BP Targets?PDF
TFP 090 - Statin-Induced Diabetes: Too Sweet a Deal? PDF
TFP 115 - Statins and cognitive impairment: Don't forget the evidence? PDF
TFP 129 - Statins and the elderly: The Who^ What and When? PDF
TFP 059 - Taking blood pressure-lowering Medications at NightPDF
TFP 174 - Target/higher dosing of medications in heart failure - is it necessary? PDF
TFP 112 - Testosterone supplementation in men. Let us pause for a moment. PDF
TFP 105 - The new anti-platelet ticagrelor: Is it better than the old 'new' clopidogrel? PDF
TFP 165 - Three drugs and still hypertensive: What’s Left? PDF
TFP 022 - Treating Hypertension in the Very Elderly: What we know so far?PDF
TFP 110 - Treating to Target: Can we hit the mark? PDF
TFP 008 - Type 2 Diabetes and ASA: Always or Maybe Sometimes? PDF
TFP 071 - Varenicline and Cardiovascular Risk – Is the cure worse than the affliction? PDF
GLP-1 Analogues in Diabetes: As sweet as can be?PDF
TFP 015 - Atenolol and beta-blockers for primary hypertension: Do they perform under pressure? PDF
Truth about websitesPDF
TFP 183 - What is Urgent About Hypertensive Urgency?PDF
TFP 180 - GLP-1 Analogues in Diabetes: As sweet as can be?PDF
TFP 191 - Sacubitril/Valsartan: Getting to the Heart of This Novel TherapyPDF
TFP 198 - SGLT2 Inhibitors and Diabetics: Does sugar in the pee protect thee?PDF
TFP 202 - Sulfonylureas in Diabetes: Sweet on the Heart or Surrogate Charlatan?PDF
TFP 215 - PCSK9 Inhibitors: Cardiovascular prevention panacea or pesky^ pricey pokes?PDF
TFP 218 - CPAP—Breath of life^ or just hot air?PDF
TFP 220 - Less Pancakes^ More Bacon? The Ketogenic Diet for Weight LossPDF