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The retina is the only portion of the central nervous system visible from the exterior. Likewise the fundus is the only location where vasculature can be visualized. So much of what we see in internal medicine is vascular related and so viewing the fundus is a great way to get a sense for the patient’s overall vasculature. But the fundoscopic exam can discover pathological process otherwise invisible. Examples are plentiful^ and include recognizing endocarditis^ disseminated candidemia^ CMV in an HIV infected patient^ and being able to stage both diabetes and hypertension.

Excellent teaching resource including videos produced by the Stanford Medicine 25 team led by Dr. Abraham Vergese.

The Stanford Medicine 25 team is the core group of physicians^ faculty and students led by Dr. Abraham Verghese. Each member plays various roles with the Stanford Medicine 25 team and our Program for Bedside Medicine.

Publication Date: 2016-3-24
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