Tool NameCostCategory
Proceducate App$ 0Anatomy
GoodNotes 4 - Notes & PDF$ 7.99DropBox compatible
Calculate by QxMD$ 0Calculator
Clinical Teaching Guidebook$ 0Clinical
Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal$ 0Reference
OneNote$ 0.00Note Taking
Bugs & Drugs$ 29.99Clinical
SnapDx$ 0Clinical
Spectrum Calgary$ 0Clinical
BrowZine$ 0Clinical
RxTx Mobile$ 0Calculator
MindShift$ 0Calculator
Choosing Wisely Canada$ 0Clinical
Canadian Guidelines on Sexually Transmitted Infections$ 0Clinical
Canadian Task Force for Preventive Health Care$ 0Clinical
Immunize Canada$ 0Reference
AHS$ 0Reference
Visual Dx$ 200Reference
AMMI Flu$ 0Clinical
MedTube$ 0Reference
Amedea MD$ 0Medical Professional
Hip Pro III$ 12.99Anatomy
Hand and Wrist Pro III$ 10.99Anatomy
Elbow Pro III$ 10.99Anatomy
Shoulder Pro III$ 10.99Anatomy
Ankle and Foot Pro III$ 10.99Anatomy
Heart Pro III$ 13.99Anatomy
Essential Skeleton 4$ 0Anatomy
Muscle System Pro III$ 13.99Anatomy
1Password$ 13.99File management
Perfect OB Wheel$ 2.79Calculator
Evernote$ 0File management
eWallet$ 9.99File management
RealWorld Orthopedics$ 13.99Anatomy
RealWorld Procedures$ 0Clinical
Orca Decide apps$ 0Anatomy
SlideShark$ 0Presentation
Keynote$ 13.99Presentation
Numbers$ 13.99File management
Pages$ 13.99Note Taking
Epocrates$ 0Drug reference
Notability$ 10.99File management
Draw MD apps$ 0Anatomy
Skyscape$ 0Calculator
UpToDate$ 200Calculator
iTunes U$ 0Reference
Pedi Stat$ 2.99Calculator
Pepid$ 300Reference
AFP by Topic$ 0Reference
Pocket A1C$ 0Calculator
KidneyCalc (Dosage adjustment calculator)$ 1.39Calculator
10 Year Fracture Risk Assessment Tool$ 0Reference
Dynamed Plus$ 0Calculator
iCCS$ 0Reference
Medscape$ 0Reference
CHEP Canadian Hypertension Recommendations$ 0Clinical
Lexicomp$ $75/yr. Integrated into UpToDate - no need to purchase both.Calculator
Micromedex$ 0Clinical
PDF pro$ 0File management
Essential Anatomy 5$ 29.99Anatomy
MedCalX$ 6.99Calculator
Spine Pro III$ 10Anatomy
Papers 3 - Academic Reference Manager$ 0Search
Visible Body - Human Anatomy Atlas$ 34.99Anatomy
DropBox$ 0File management
Dragon Medical Search$ 0Search
Documents by Readdle$ 0File management