Publication DateResource TitleType
2015-3-24TFP 014 - Optimal Pain Relief for Acute Pediatric Musculoskeletal Injuries – NSAIDs or Opioids?PDF
2009-5-15TFP 001 - CRP = CV? Should we React to C-Reactive Protein? PDF
2009-6-1TFP 002 - Lacerations: Sterile Gloves and Water?PDF
2009-6-15TFP 003 - Glucose Self-Monitoring in Type 2 Diabetics Not Using Insulin: Is It Bitter Sweet? PDF
2009-7-9TFP 004 - Bell’s Palsy: What To Do And Not To Do? PDF
2009-7-14TFP 005 - Motivating Patients to Move: A Light at the End of the Couch? PDF
2013-10-7TFP 006 - PPIs and clopidogrel: Never the twain shall meet? Are there risks in giving a Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) with clopidogrel? PDF
2009-8-15TFP 007 - Are some 2nd generation antidepressants more equal than others?PDF
2013-10-7TFP 008 - Type 2 Diabetes and ASA: Always or Maybe Sometimes? PDF
2013-10-7TFP 009 - Home in the Range – Home Blood Pressure MonitoringPDF
2013-10-7TFP 010 - Antioxidant vitamin cure-alls: Will good theories ever die? PDF
2013-10-28TFP 011 - Atrial Fibrillation Patients Needing Brief Interruptions in Warfarin: Bridge or Not? PDF
2016-9-26TFP 171 - AcetaMINophen for Back and Osteoarthritis Pain: Is the effect in the name? PDF
2013-11-4TFP 012 - What is the Benefit of Vitamin D: Trend or Treat? PDF
2013-10-28TFP 013 - How Long Before Antidepressants Work: Happy News? PDF
2009-11-30TFP 015 - Atenolol and beta-blockers for primary hypertension: Do they perform under pressure? PDF
2013-10-28TFP 016 - Long-Acting Beta-Agonist Inhalers in Asthma: Breathing Evidence Into the Debate?PDF
2013-8-27TFP 017 - X-rays for Non-specific Low Back Pain: A non-specific pain?PDF
2013-9-5TFP 018 - Is there more to medical management of renal stones than analgesia?PDF
2013-9-9TFP 019 - Vitamin B12 Deficiency: Monthly shots or daily pills? PDF
2013-9-16TFP 020 - Strategies for Initiating Insulin in Type 2 Diabetics PDF
2013-9-17TFP 021 - PAP test: Does Lubricant reduce the quality (or adequacy)? PDF
2013-10-17TFP 022 - Treating Hypertension in the Very Elderly: What we know so far?PDF
2013-10-22TFP 024 - Pediatric Cough: Do OTC cough suppressants or honey help? PDF
2013-10-22TFP 025 - Gabapentin & Chronic Pain: Missing Evidence and Real Effect? PDF
2015-2-10TFP 040 - Topical NSAIDs: Do they top Placebo or Oral NSAIDs? PDF
2015-3-10TFP 042 - Children with Acute Otitis Media: Benefits and Risks of Antibiotics PDF
2015-3-4TFP 043 - Vascular Intervention for Multiple SclerosisPDF
2015-4-13TFP 044 - Screening for Osteoporosis PDF
2015-3-10TFP 045 - Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) for Paediatric and Adult Chronic Constipation PDF
2015-4-16TFP 046 - Is any diet better for weight loss or preventing negative health outcomes? PDF
2015-4-16TFP 047 - Acetylsalicylic Acid (ASA) to prevent Colorectal CancerPDF
2015-4-20TFP 048 - Steroid Injections & Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow) – What is the Evidence?PDF
2015-4-21TFP 049 - Can ondansetron help children vomiting due to gastroenteritis? PDF
2015-4-30TFP 050 - CT scans and other forms of low-dose ionizing radiation – What is the risk of cancer? PDF
2015-4-30TFP 051 - Antidepressants for preventing headaches: Which work and how well? PDF
2015-5-11TFP 052 - Are antihypertensive medications effective for migraine prophylaxis? PDF
2015-5-12TFP 053 - Advantages and limitations of 'delayed prescriptions' of antibiotics for upper respiratory tract infection (URTI)PDF
2014-12-12TFP 055 - Roflumilast – COPD relief at last?PDF
2011-11-14TFP 056 - Is quadruple the new triple therapy for H. pylori?PDF
2014-12-9TFP 057 - Is colchicine an effective alternative to NSAIDs for the treatment of acute gout? PDF
2015-5-26TFP 058 - COLD FX® evidence: consistently reported inconsistently PDF
2012-1-9TFP 059 - Taking blood pressure-lowering Medications at NightPDF
2012-1-23TFP 060 - Antipsychotics for depression: An acceptable risk/benefit profile PDF
2012-2-6TFP 061 - Is HCTZ the best thiazide diuretic for hypertension?PDF
2012-2-21TFP 062 - Daily Prophylactic Antibiotics in COPD PDF
2012-3-5TFP 063 - Bioidentical Hormone Replacement PDF
2012-3-19TFP 064 - Opioids and Osteoarthritis: weighing benefits and risks PDF
2012-4-10TFP 065 - Niacin added to Statins for Cardiovascular diseasePDF
2012-4-30TFP 066 - The Best Puffer for Initial Therapy in COPD PDF
2012-5-22TFP 067 - High Dose Statin Compare To Low Dose in People with Heart DiseasePDF
2012-7-3TFP 069 - Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Fish Oil) for Patients with Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)PDF
2012-7-23TFP 070 - The Venous Thromboembolism Risks with Varying Hormonal Contraception PDF
2012-8-13TFP 071 - Varenicline and Cardiovascular Risk – Is the cure worse than the affliction? PDF
2012-9-4TFP 072 - Dual Antiplatelet Therapy Following Stent Placement and/or Acute Coronary Syndrome: 12 months or Forever? PDF
2012-9-18TFP 073 - Novel Oral Anti-coagulants (NOACs): is newer better?PDF
2012-10-1TFP 074 - Coffee: Advice for our Vice PDF
2012-10-15TFP 075 - Screening for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm PDF
2012-11-12TFP 077 - Zoster vaccine: Zoster loster or imposter coster? PDF
2012-12-10TFP 079 - Iron Supplementation in Non-Anemic Women with Unexplainable Fatigue: Another Tired Theory?PDF
2013-1-7TFP 080 - Antihistamines for the Common Cold: Facts on a Possible Fix? PDF
2013-2-4TFP 082 - Cutting out the sodium: The bland supremacy?PDF
2013-2-19TFP 083 - Febuxostat: Precipitating crystals of evidence about gout prevention PDF
2013-3-4TFP 084 - Cranberry juice/tablets for the prevention of urinary tract infection: Naturally the best? PDF
2013-3-18TFP 085 - Vitamins for age-related macular degeneration (AMD) demonstrates minimal differences PDF
2013-6-12TFP 086 - Cutting out Sodium in Heart Failure: A Taste of the Evidence PDF
2013-4-29TFP 088 - Hormone Therapy: Does Timing Make a Difference?PDF
2013-5-13TFP 089 - Viscosupplementation (hyaluronic acid or hylan): Cushioning the blow (to your wallet)?PDF
2013-5-27TFP 090 - Statin-Induced Diabetes: Too Sweet a Deal? PDF
2013-6-10TFP 091 - Aspirin A Day to Keep the Cancer Away PDF
2013-7-22TFP 093 - ASA after warfarin for unprovoked VTE: does the little clot fighter make sense? PDF
2013-8-19TFP 094 - Simplicity for simplex (cold sores): a pill in the pocket takes the tingling away PDF
2013-9-9TFP 095 - From Headache to Happiness: New old options for treating acute migrainePDF
2013-9-23TFP 096 - Calcitonin withdrawal: Now what for acute vertebral fractures? PDF
2013-10-7TFP 097 - Fibrates: Statin’s Trusty Sidekick or Lackluster Fallback?PDF
2013-11-4TFP 099 - Will the flu shot help my Grandma and Grandpa?PDF
2013-11-18TFP 101 - NSAIDs and cardiovascular safety: the truth makes my heart hurt PDF
2013-12-2TFP 102 - Coughing up the Data on Croup PDF
2014-1-6TFP 104 - Aldosterone antagonists in systolic heart failure - no longer an afterthoughtPDF
2014-2-3TFP 106 - Vitamin D Levels: Vitamin Do or Vitamin Don’t PDF
2014-2-18TFP 107 - Cholinesterase inhibitors and treatment of Alzheimers dementia PDF
2014-3-3TFP 108 - Tools for Stools: Oral Cholera Vaccine for Traveler’s Diarrhea Prophylaxis PDF
2014-3-17TFP 109 - Anti-platelets after stroke: Are two better than one?PDF
2014-4-14TFP 111 - A pill for the second clot I do not wantPDF
2014-5-12TFP 113 - Acetaminophen in pregnancy and future risk of ADHD for the unbornPDF
2014-6-9TFP 115 - Statins and cognitive impairment: Don't forget the evidence? PDF
2014-6-23TFP 116 - Vitamin D and Low Mood: The easy perky pill. PDF
2014-7-7TFP 117 - Generic Versus Brand Name: The other drug war PDF
2014-7-21TFP 118 - Glucosamine: Naturally effective? PDF
2014-9-2TFP 120 - Melatonin for sleep: Exhausted by other options? PDF
2014-9-15TFP 121 - Can I get my cholesterol checked fast (without fasting)? PDF
2014-9-29TFP 122 - Lipoproteins: The risk of (over)interpreting these risk factors? PDF
2014-11-10TFP 125 - HPV Vaccine: Shot of Cancer (and Wart) Prevention PDF
2014-12-8TFP 127 - What can't they do: Steroids for my sore throat? PDF
2014-12-15TFP 128 - Evidence that’s tough to swallow: Short course antibiotics for pediatric strep throat PDF
2015-1-19TFP 130 - Working out depression: Is exercise effective for depression? PDF
2015-2-17TFP 132 - Can We Stop Migraines Bound to Rebound? PDF
2015-3-2TFP 133 - Agitation in Dementia: Are benzos a back-up?PDF
2015-3-16TFP 134 - Getting patients to drink less—Are words mightier than drink?PDF
2015-4-13TFP 136 - Atypical antipsychotics for anxiety: Worth worrying about? PDF
2015-4-27TFP 137 - Benzodiazepines in Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Calm Your Nerves? PDF
2015-5-11TFP 138 - The skinny on BMI and mortalityPDF
2015-5-25TFP 139 - Digoxin: Old friend or best left on the shelf? PDF
2015-6-8TFP 140 - Healing the Heel: Corticosteroid shots for plantar fasciitis PDF
2015-6-22TFP 141 - Time to Laceration Repair: Definitively dogmatic to purposefully pragmatic PDF
2015-7-6TFP 142 - The Low FODMAP Diet: Food for thought or just an irritable idea? PDF
2015-7-20TFP 143 - Acute Back Pain: Is Cyclobenzaprine a reasonable option?PDF
2015-8-4TFP 144 - Evaluating the Epley Maneuver: When one good turn deserves another PDF
2015-8-31TFP 145 - Exercise and Cardiovascular Disease: Getting to the heart of the matter PDF
2015-10-13TFP 148 - Has insulin met its match? Metformin for gestational diabetes PDF
2015-12-7TFP 152 - Tempered Enthusiasm for Tiotropium in Asthma PDF
2016-1-4TFP 153 - Ginger for Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy: A queasy question PDF
2016-1-18TFP 154 - Pills vs. Puffers: Leukotriene receptor antagonists for childhood asthma PDF
2015-11-23TFP 151 - Rotavirus Vaccine: A shot to get off the pot(ty) PDF
2013-10-21TFP 098 - Is Diabetes a Coronary Heart Disease Equivalent? PDF
2013-10-28TFP 026 - Pharmacotherapy for Smoking: What works and what to consider (PART I)? PDF
2013-10-28TFP 027 - Pharmacotherapy for Smoking: Which work and what to consider (Part II)?PDF
2013-10-24TFP 028 - Are acetaminophen and ibuprofen equivalent in the treatment of pediatric fever? PDF
2013-10-28TFP 029 - The Autism and Vaccine Story: Fiction and Deception? PDF
2013-11-21TFP 030 - Iron Deficiency Anemia in the Elderly: How much iron is enough? PDF
2013-11-26TFP 032 - Bone Mineral Density – Too much of a good thing? PDF
2013-12-2TFP 033 - Bisphosphonates: Forever or Five Years and Stop? PDF
2013-12-3TFP 034 - Rosiglitazone – Reasonable Option or Regrettable Choice? PDF
2013-12-5TFP 035 - The long and short of long-acting insulin analogues (versus NPH)PDF
2013-12-9TFP 036 - In atrial fibrillation: rate versus rhythm and how slow do you go?PDF
2013-7-4TFP 038 - What Are the Risks and Benefits of Stopping Antipsychotics in the Elderly? PDF
2017-7-10TFP 191 - Sacubitril/Valsartan: Getting to the Heart of This Novel TherapyPDF
2016-2-16TFP 156 - The louse is (no longer) in the housePDF
2016-4-11TFP 160 - Can we count on Clomiphene for Anovulatory Infertility?PDF
2016-4-25TFP 161 - Docusate: A Placebo Pill for Soft Poops PDF
2016-5-9TFP 162 - Dexamethasone Versus Prednisone for Pediatric Asthma: Will the results take your breath away? PDF
2016-6-6TFP 164 - Alpha blockers for BPH-LUTS: Let it flow or still slow?PDF
2016-7-18TFP 167 - Keeping our eye on the ball for infectious conjunctivitis management PDF
2016-8-29TFP 169 - Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP): Are you PrEP’d for the future of HIV prevention?PDF
2016-8-15TFP 168 - Liraglutide: Weighing the evidence for weight loss PDF
2015-2-9TFP 039 - Dabigatran versus Warfarin in Atrial Fibrillation PDF
2015-2-17TFP 041 - Does calcium supplementation increase the risk of MI? PDF
2012-6-11TFP 068 - Hemoglobin A1c for the diagnosis of Type II Diabetes PDF
2013-1-21TFP 081 - Type 2 Diabetes and A1c Targets: Pragmatic dogmaPDF
2014-1-20TFP 105 - The new anti-platelet ticagrelor: Is it better than the old 'new' clopidogrel? PDF
2014-3-31TFP 110 - Treating to Target: Can we hit the mark? PDF
2014-4-28TFP 112 - Testosterone supplementation in men. Let us pause for a moment. PDF
2014-8-18TFP 119 - Can I exchange my family because they all have heart attacks? PDF
2014-10-14TFP 123 - A Serendipitous Discovery and Novel Treatment for Infantile HemangiomasPDF
2015-3-30TFP 135 - Corticosteroid shots and knees: A match made in osteoarthritis heaven? PDF
2015-10-26TFP 149 - Burning Issues and Aching Questions: Tramadol for osteoarthritic and neuropathic pain PDF
2015-11-9TFP 150 - DPP-4 Inhibitors: Protecting your sweet heart? PDF
2016-2-1TFP 155 - “I got water up my nose.” From swimming accident to rhinosinusitis cure? PDF
2013-7-22TFP 031 - ASA in Primary Prevention: Do the Benefits Outweigh Risks? PDF
2016-3-25TFP 037 - SPRINT don’t walk to Evidence for Specific BP Targets?PDF
2016-2-29TFP 157 - Flibanserin: Feeling frisky or falling over? PDF
2016-3-14TFP 158 - Is less more with isotretinoin and acne?PDF
2016-3-29TFP 159 - NSAIDs: Inflamed effects on inflammation? PDF
2016-5-24TFP 163 - How low can the potassium and sodium go with commonly prescribed blood pressure medications? PDF
2016-6-20TFP 165 - Three drugs and still hypertensive: What’s Left? PDF
2016-7-4TFP 166 - Not So Free testing for cell free fetal DNA – Is it worth the cost? PDF
2015-1-26TFP 023 - Ezetimibe lowers LDL cholesterol^ but what else?PDF
2015-5-25TFP 054 - Overactive bladder^ urge incontinence and anticholinergic drugsPDF
2012-10-29TFP 076 - Amoxicillin^ still an A-list Antibiotic for Infections of the AirwayPDF
2012-11-26TFP 078 - Lung Cancer Screening – Low dose CT^ High dose False Positives PDF
2013-4-15TFP 087 - Daily multivitamins to reduce mortality^ cardiovascular disease and cancerPDF
2013-6-24TFP 092 - Probiotics^ C the Difference for the prevention of C. Diff PDF
2013-11-12TFP 100 - Effectiveness of seasonal influenza vaccine for healthy^ working age adults PDF
2013-12-16TFP 103 - Duloxetine (Cymbalta®): Jack of All Trades^ Master of None? PDF
2014-5-26TFP 114 - My fracture really hurts^ can I use non-steroidal anti- inflammatories? PDF
2015-1-5TFP 129 - Statins and the elderly: The Who^ What and When? PDF
2015-2-3TFP 131 - Anti-virals for Flu: Looking for evidence for “Stockpile^ store^ expire^ repeat”PDF
2015-9-28TFP 147 - Electronic Cigarettes—Hoot that helps^ hurts^ or just hype?PDF
2014-11-24TFP 126 - Z-drugs for sleep: Should we 'Catch Some Z’s'? PDF
2015-9-14TFP 146 - Anti-CCP: A truly helpful Rheumatoid Arthritis lab test?PDF
2014-10-27TFP 124 - Vitamin D and Respiratory Tract Infections: Does the sun's vitamin chase the cold? PDF
2016-9-12TFP 170 - Back to activity: When is exercise effective for back pain?PDF
2016-10-11TFP 172 - Drugs for male- and female-pattern baldness: Just a hair bit more effective than doing nothing? PDF
2016-10-24TFP 173 - Acid^ freeze^ or duct tape: What works best for common warts?PDF
2016-11-1TFP 174 - Target/higher dosing of medications in heart failure - is it necessary? PDF
2016-11-21TFP 175 - Chocolate: Can anything this tasty be good for us?PDF
2016-12-1TFP 176 - Stockpile^ use during outbreaks^ re-stock and repeatPDF
2017-1-9TFP 178 - All You Need is Glove: Are non-sterile gloves safe for excisions in the office?PDF
2017-1-23TFP 179 - Recurrent Vulvovaginal Candidiasis: Can the yeast be beat?PDF
2017-11-14TFP 199 - Missing “High” Quality Evidence: Medical Cannabinoids for Pain? PDF
2017-3-8TFP 182 - Chew on This: Why gum is good for your post-operative bumPDF
2017-2-21TFP 181 - Manipulating Research for Spinal Manipulative Therapy for Low Back PainPDF
2017-3-20TFP 183 - What is Urgent About Hypertensive Urgency?PDF
2017-2-6TFP 180 - GLP-1 Analogues in Diabetes: As sweet as can be?PDF
2017-4-3TFP 184 - Preventing Allergies with Omega-3 in Pregnancy: Another fishy idea?PDF
2017-4-18TFP 185 - Drinking in the Evidence Around Mild-Moderate Dehydration Management in Kids with GastroenteritisPDF
2017-5-1TFP 186 - Doxylamine and Pyridoxine for Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy: A review of 'retch'ed evidencePDF
2017-5-29TFP 188 - Trouble Sleeping: Spend less time in Bed?PDF
2017-5-15TFP 187 - CBC (Confusing Broad Check) for Screening?PDF
2017-6-12TFP 189 - Moving along the management of constipation predominant IBS – Is it worth the cost?PDF
2017-6-26TFP 190 - Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs): Is Perpetual Prescribing Inevitable?PDF
2017-7-24TFP 192 - Bringing Up the Best Evidence: Ondansetron in nausea/vomiting of pregnancyPDF
2017-8-14TFP 193 - Riboflavin for Migraine Prophylaxis: Something “2-B” excited about?PDF
2017-9-5TFP 194 - Needed for Eye and Brain Development? Omega-3s in infant formulaPDF
2017-9-18TFP 195 - Shooting the Breeze on Supervised Injection SitesPDF
2017-10-2TFP 196 - Infant Sleep Training - Rest Easy? PDF
2017-10-16TFP 197 - Early Peanuts for Little Peanuts: The not so paltry benefits PDF
2017-10-30TFP 198 - SGLT2 Inhibitors and Diabetics: Does sugar in the pee protect thee?PDF
2017-11-27TFP 200 - Harms of Medical Cannabinoids: Up in SmokePDF
2017-12-11TFP 201 - Any Other “Doobie”ous Effects of Medical Cannabinoids?PDF
2018-1-2TFP 202 - Sulfonylureas in Diabetes: Sweet on the Heart or Surrogate Charlatan?PDF
2018-1-15TFP 203 - Got Depression? I can answer that in two questions!PDF
2018-1-29TFP 204 - Actinic Keratosis: Out Damned Spot!PDF
2018-2-12TFP 205 - Preventing Painful Pokes: Decreasing Immunization Pain in KidsPDF
2018-2-26TFP 206 - Agitation in Dementia: Quantifying the effects of antipsychoticsPDF
2018-3-12TFP 207 - St. John’s Wort for Depression: Flower Power?PDF
2018-3-26TFP 208 - Vaginal Self Swabs – Simple and Sensitive for STIsPDF
2018-4-9TFP 209 - Is that cabbage in your bra? Cabbage leaves for breast engorgementPDF
2018-4-23TFP 210 - Blazing Through the Evidence on THC Versus CBD Combinations in Medical Cannabinoids.PDF
2018-5-7TFP 211 - Pain getting on your nerves? Tricyclic antidepressants for neuropathic painPDF
2018-5-22TFP 212 - Clavicle Fractures: To plate or not to plate^ that is the questionPDF
2018-6-4TFP 213 - Smell This: Isopropyl alcohol for nausea/vomiting in the emergency departmentPDF
2018-6-18TFP 214 - Nerve-ous About Opioids? Treatment of neuropathic pain with opioidsPDF
2018-7-3TFP 215 - PCSK9 Inhibitors: Cardiovascular prevention panacea or pesky^ pricey pokes?PDF
2018-7-16TFP 216 - Anxiously Awaiting Evidence: Pregabalin in generalized anxiety disorderPDF
2018-7-30TFP 217 - Pneumonia Vaccine for Adults: Is the efficacy as effective as the effort?PDF
2018-8-20TFP 218 - CPAP—Breath of life^ or just hot air?PDF
2018-9-10TFP 219 - Omega-3 Supplements for Dry Eye: Fishy evidence or a big catch?PDF
2018-9-24TFP 220 - Less Pancakes^ More Bacon? The Ketogenic Diet for Weight LossPDF
2018-10-9TFP 221 - Location^ Location^ Location: Treating patients with opioid use disorder in primary carePDF
2018-10-22TFP 222 - Does this patient taking prescription opioids have opioid use disorder?PDF
2018-11-5TFP 223 - Buprenorphine-Naloxone (Suboxone) for Pharmaceutical Opioid Use DisorderPDF
2018-11-19TFP 224 - Zoster Vaccine – is newer better than the old new?PDF
2018-12-10TFP 225 - Topical Capsaicin for Neuropathic and Osteoarthritis Pain: Maybe not so hot?PDF